Define the implantation line

To perform the FUE hair implant, we first make the design keeping the proportions.

Anesthesia in the donor area

A combined solution is applied to anesthetize and decrease bleeding.

Anesthesia in the receiving area

We apply anesthesia again at the implantation sites.

Calculate density by area

The best possible distribution is evaluated according to the availability of donor area.

Extract follicles

With the micromotor we make small incisions to extract follicle by follicle.

Follicle implantation

With the implanter we perform the grafting of the new hair.

The hair implant lasts until old age

The hair inserted with the FUE hair implant will not fall, however those that are still native will follow their normal evolutionary course, for this reason it is important an integral treatment that includes both surgery and medication to stabilize the degenerative process of the hair follicles.

Important to keep in mind

A procedure of this type can take between six and ten hours depending on the area to be covered. It is important that the patient is clear about this aspect and comes mentally aware that he will have to test his patience. On our part, we will provide what is necessary to make your stay more comfortable while you perform your hair transplant.

Less dead follicles

We have developed a technique in which the follicles are implanted in blocks of 1,000 units, thus preventing them from taking up too much time outside the body and significantly increasing their survival rate.

In this guide you will find the solutions that exist in the market, both cosmetic and pharmacological and surgical. Mediarte Treatments Guide. Mediarte Treatments Guide