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For our hair clinic it is a pleasure to have your visit and to explain our reason for being, Mediarte Medical Center is an IPS formed by a group of health professionals and specialists dedicated to providing quality service in hair transplantation, beard and complementary therapies, we are so confident in our work that we offer written guarantee on the result and allow many people to fulfill their dream of regaining their hair with the FUE technique, no scar, no pain, no sutures, no scalpel and fast recovery.

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The mission of our hair clinic is to positively change the lives of our patients and leave them with an improved physical appearance through hair transplant with F.U.E. technique.

By 2022 Mediarte will be recognized internationally for its results, the professionalism of its team and its efforts in the implementation of pioneering treatments for the solution to androgenetic alopecia.

FUE Hair Transplantation: Hair, Eyebrows and Beard

It consists of the extraction and subsequent implantation of the patient’s own hair one by one without leaving a visible scar. There is no possibility of rejection, and since it is a non-invasive technique, recovery is very fast, the result is completely natural and long lasting.

Scar repair

In our hair clinic we perform two types of scar repair, on the one hand those that were caused by external agents such as burns, blows with blunt objects, falls, etc., and on the other hand we significantly improve those that were produced by previous interventions made with the “strip” method.

Medical Treatments

To maintain the results of a hair transplant it is necessary to complement it with a medical treatment consisting of the administration of a topical solution, together with a 5-alpha reductase enzyme blocker. Mediarte does not work with experimental drugs, naturopathic drugs, laser brushes or others that are not duly approved by the scientific community or serious international organizations such as the FDA.

Our Surgeons

Sara ÁvilaMedical Director

We always strive for excellence in our work, so we audit every procedure performed to ensure that all quality standards are met and that our patients are completely satisfied with their results.

Director Médico

Stephanie Ramirez,Surgeon

We put at the service of our patients all our knowledge and skills to always obtain the best results.

Médico Cirujano

Érika ParraPsychology

In our hair clinic the most important thing is to understand the concerns of our patients and offer solutions to improve their quality of life.

Psicóloga y enfermera

Luis CardonaSurgeon

Good attitude, respect and concentration are essential during the surgical procedure.

Médico Cirujano

Jose David VélezSurgeon

We do our best to meet 100% of our patients’ expectations.

Médico cirujano

Jesús GarcíaSurgeon

We put all our talent and knowledge at the service of our patients.

Médico Cirujano

Jonathan TrujilloSurgeon

We are committed to the well-being of our patients, always in the pursuit of excellence.

Médico cirujano

Dr. Jose López BordigoniSurgeon

We are aware that a successful outcome depends 50% on our work and 50% on the post-operative care of our patients.

Médico Cirujano

Viviana BuriticaNurse

Our work is always focused on obtaining the best results.

Auxiliar de Enfermería

Luisa ZapataNurse

Our mission is to change the lives of thousands of people.

Auxiliar de Enfermería
patricia gomez

Patricia GómezAdministrative Assistance

Administrative processes are as important as operational processes to ensure the quality of our services.

Administradora Sede Medellín

Our Certificacions

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Medicine, art and naturalness are our pillars. Medicine, art and naturalness are our pillars.