Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is currently the most effective solution that restores hair in areas where it no longer grows either by hereditary or external factors such as trauma or burns. The implanted hair follicle is immune to the DHT hormone that causes alopecia, which guarantees that the hair will last almost for life. It is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia and without sedation in which the patient can even watch TV or listen to music while it is being performed. The changes start to be seen after the fourth month and the final result after one year.

At Mediarte we perform the hair transplant procedure using the FUE technique, which is the most advanced technique to date, with excellent, highly aesthetic and natural results.

Beard Transplant

Nowadays there are more and more men who wish to accentuate their masculinity features and one of their characteristics is to have a prominent beard or with a certain style, however for some of them their genetics does not allow them to do it because they have little density or only in some areas, fortunately this problem is already a thing of the past with the beard transplant.

This procedure consists of the extraction and subsequent implantation of the patient’s own follicles either in the mustache, chin and / or cheeks, is performed in a very similar way to hair transplantation with the difference that only follicular units are planted between one and two hairs with an angle of insertion less than 45 °, the result is for life and does not require any maintenance beyond the patient’s own care and style that the patient wants to give.

Eyebrow Transplant

Get a deep and perfectly delineated look with micro brow transplantation. Here the process is done by extracting the hairs from the lower part of the nape of the neck almost reaching the neck as they are the most similar to the texture that the eyebrows originally have, they are implanted with the same angle and direction in units of only one hair to obtain a natural result.

Recover your hair with these simple steps

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Define line of implementation

To perform Hair Transplant the first steep is make the design keeping the proportions.

Donor site anesthesia

A combined solution is applied to anesthetize and reduce bleeding.

Receiving site anesthesia

We applied anesthesia again at the implantation area.

Calculate areal density

The best possible distribution is evaluated according to the availability of the donor area.

Extract follicles

With the micromotor we make small incisions to extract hair follicles one by one.

Follicle implantation

With the implanter we perform the grafting of the new hairs.

Hair transplantation lasts into old age

The hairs inserted with the FUE hair transplant will not fall out, however those that are still native will follow their normal evolutionary course, for this reason it is important that a comprehensive treatment is performed that includes both surgery and medication to stabilize the degenerative process of the hair follicles.

Important to note

A procedure of this type can take between three and eight hours depending on the area to be covered. It is important for the patient to be clear about this aspect and to come prepared, as he/she will have to put his/her patience to the test. We will provide everything necessary to make your stay more comfortable when your hair, beard or eyebrow transplant is performed.

Fewer dead follicles

We have developed a technique in which follicles are implanted in blocks of 1,000 units, thus preventing them from lasting too long outside the body and significantly increasing their survival rate.

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