Hair Therapies

Hair therapies and treatments are used to stimulate follicular regeneration at the tissue level and thus the growth and strengthening of hair.

A sample of the patient’s own blood is extracted and then processed by separating the platelet components and activating them with the addition of calcium chloride to stimulate the growth factors. Once this is done, the patient is re-injected with tiny needles throughout the scalp, the mixture begins to act by stimulating dermal regeneration and restoring the vitality of the hair follicles. It is a painless and fast process, to see the results at least four sessions are necessary with a periodicity of 15 days between one and another.

Hair therapies and treatments have the advantage of delaying the follicular degenerative process in patients with androgenetic alopecia, its effectiveness rate is variable and depends on each person, to observe optimal results are necessary at least three sessions with a minimum separation of 15 days between one and another. If you want to see the results of our treatments you can visit us in our networks.


No, it is a painless procedure.

No, the only thing that gives you back hair where there is none is the hair implant.

It takes between 40 minutes and an hour.

After the fourth session, i.e. approximately two months, however, you may notice a decrease in hair loss from the second session.

They are complementary treatments. To see the results click here.

The results last as long as the sessions recommended by the doctor are done, otherwise you may lose part of the result gained.

No, once it is done the patient can continue with their usual routine.

No, the procedure does not require any prior care.