How many follicles do I need?

During the consultation with the hair doctor the question that patients always ask themselves is how many follicles are necessary to cover their head in the depopulated areas, however this question alone requires the evaluator to take into account different characteristics inherent to each person, sometimes the right question is not how many hairs I need but how many can be transplanted since for advanced alopecia it is not possible to completely cover an area without compromising the density or naturalness of the result.

Now, once the hair doctor has explained all the details, the patient is aware of what can and cannot be obtained, with this we proceed to evaluate the quality of the donor area and all related factors, we establish the density that can vary between 20 and 80 follicles per square centimeter, the most appropriate distribution for your needs according to your age and finally the price, a limiting variable for many people but one that we try to mitigate to the best of our ability.

In order to make a correct diagnosis, the patient’s age, hair type, color, texture, thickness and skin characteristics must be taken into account. This is not an absolute value since, for example, to cover the same area in a white person with thin blond hair, up to 40% more follicular units may be required than for a brunette with thick black hair.

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