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Hair therapy

Hair therapy is a treatment to stimulate follicular regeneration at the tissue level and therefore the growth and strengthening of the hair.

A sample of blood is drawn from the patient’s own body to later be processed by separating the platelet components and activating them with the addition of calcium chloride to stimulate the growth factors. Once this is done, the patient is injected again with tiny needles in all the scalp, the mixture begins to act stimulating the dermal regeneration and restoring the vitality of the hair follicles.

The treatment has the advantage of delaying the follicular degenerative process in patients with androgenic alopecia, its effectiveness rate is variable and depends on each person, in order to observe its optimal results, will be required at least three sessions with a minimum separation of 15 days between one and other.



It is painful?
Does it serve to repopulate areas where there is no longer hair?
How long is the procedure?
How soon will I see the result?
Do I still need the hair implant??
Is the Hair therapy lasting?
Does it require some kind of care on my part after being applied?
Do I have to follow any previous preparation?